Project Scope: The project involved the installation of inbuilt Eco stoves for Uganda Prison services in the prisons like  Upper Prison Luzira,  Markson Bay Prison, Kigo Prison, Kampala Rimand Prison, Tororo Prison, and Adjuman Prison Communities. The Eco stoves use a combination of volcanic rocks and charcoal dust as fuel. The stove also has a power adapter that supplies power to the fans. The fans help to circulate the air around the stove, which improves efficiency and reduces smoke emissions.

An Eco stove is a clean, efficient stove that uses volcanic rocks to cook. It comes wit 2 year reusable rocks, making charcoal and firewood a thing of the past. With the Eco stove technology the Prison Communities  are able to save money spent on fuel costs as opposed to over dependence expensive fuels such as , charcoal, & Firewood

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