In House User Training
At Eco Stove, we don’t just sell you an eco stove , we also teach you how to use it. That’s why we offer a free in house user training service for every eco stove we install.

Our friendly product knowledgeable staff will come to your home or institution and take you through step by step on how to operate your new product with ease and confidence.

The team will also demonstrate how to clean and maintain your product, as well as how to troubleshoot any common technical issues.
You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your product or services offered . We ensure product knowledge and closing the gaps and changing behavior from the ordinary practices of using charcoal to using volcanic rocks

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Customer Services

Eco-Friendly Volcanic Rocks Cooking Solutions. Switch today  to enjoy most efficient solar aided cooking stove with all the features of a conventional cooker.

Call Out service
The company provides free installation of all its products, free site assessment to ensure the product is a good fit. However, we have a walk in service and drop off / after sales service for effective and timely response to any repair and maintenance. In instances where house calls are required , a small fee of call out will be charged .
Free drop in Product Repair
Should be done with the 1 year Warranty Given
We value your satisfaction and trust. That’s why we offer a free drop in eco stove product repair service for your convenience and peace of mind. You don’t need to make an appointment. You can simply in with your product or Call customer helpline +256 (0) 200 905 513
Free Product installation
Our free installation service is available to all customers who purchase an Eco stove from us.
No hidden fees, no extra charges, no strings attached. Just a simple and convenient way to get your Eco stove up and running in no time. We ensure it works

Save More with Eco Stoves

Our Cooking Solutions

Save up-to 85% of your home cooking costs with the Eco Stove technology'

We manufacture mobile Eco stoves as well as construct permanent institutional Eco stoves, For larger cooking institutions such as training Schools,Refugee camps and settlements, NGOs, Hotels

As charcoal and firewood is getting more expensive, while electricity and gas is not easily accessible, Eco Stove is your ultimate cooking solution.


Step 01

With outlets near you, you can walk -in and choose from our range of products from a single head burner, double head burner, triple head burner, ovens and grill, permanent /portable. All our products can go with solar system or without solar


Step 02

AT any of of our habs you meet our sales team and technical team who will hemp make a decision through onsite product demonstration to appreciated the eco Technology Here you will have all the time to ask all and any questions you may have so as to me the right product choice


Step 03

Once you have made your choice the eco team will assign you a technician who will go with you to your home/institution, to install and train the user and handover your purchase

We are the patent owners and manufactures of Volcanic rocks and solar powered stoves Branded as Eco stoves. we assemble solar kits for households and solar systems for institutions in Uganda. The Revolutionary Energy efficient Eco stove was invented in 2011 and the company incorporated in 2012 with the primary objective to increase access to clean energy for both off grid households and businesses.
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