Frequently Asked Questions


Eco Stoves Use volcanic rocks and solar. Volcanic rocks have a higher combustion efficiency and have the ability to retain heat much longer than any other cooking fuel. We use charcoal dust (olusenyente) or Briquettes as fire starters and solar energy is used to power the inbuilt air system that runs forced air to the stones thus increasing combustion.

In this video we show you how the stove works!!

Different parts of the stove have different life spans; depending on the handling and maintenance. The portable stove can last up to 10years with proper maintenance except for the ceramic clay liner which can last 2-3yrs depending on how often the stove is being used and handled.

Yes. we have a free drop/walk-in repairs service center where all repairs and troubleshooting can be done. This is at our Wakaliga branch or we can send our technical personnel to visit your place of convenience at a small cost.
Call us on 0200905501/0702920729/0776920729

Eco stove uses either Solar power or HYDRO power with an adaptor, so it’s all up to what you chose to use.

Some customers look at the one-off payment to buy the stove as expensive. This is why we work with organized groups to offer managed payment plans/options

Eco stove uses reusable volcanic stones and solar or hydro, the rest of the stoves on the market depend on purely on charcoal or firewood.

Here is the price list for out stoves. Girl in a jacket

We accept cash payments, bank transfer or mobile money. And for organized institutions taking stoves in bulk can organize an installment payment plan tailored to the needs of the institution.

2. Volcanic rocks

1 pack of 4kgs last 6-8months depending on a family size and how often cooking is done.

We do stock volcanic stones in all our shops and business locations.

Eco stoves use exclusively volcanic rocks stones . The stones have been tested by various institutions including UNBS, CREEK-makerere, Nabyeya Under ministry of energy and its other partners and certified as safe with no health hazards.

A park of 4kg lasts up to 8months and costs only 50,000ugx.


It all depends on the intensity of usage however a fully charged solar system can run up to 4 days without the sun. however our solar system does not necessarily charge at pick time but can pick on sunlight.

A fully charged battery can run for at least 4 days without direct sun.

The battery can last up to more than 5 years depending on usage and maintenance.