Entrepreneur Spotlight: Uganda Eco-Stove Is Saving Ugandans On 2 Fronts
African (Read ful article) September 26, 2022

It's a method that some are hoping will take off across Africa, to help protect forests and improve the lives of women.

"A view of a volcanic rock stove built by the Eco Group Limited, on display in Kampala, Uganda, April 20, 2017"


About 90 percent of Ugandans rely on wood fuel for cooking with hundreds of trees cut down every day for firewood and charcoal. Rose Twine is providing a sustainable and economical solution through manufacturing eco stoves. Unlike charcoal, the eco stove rocks do not turn into ash. After cooking, you can use the same rocks to cook for two years

"Rose Twine, the brain behind the cost-friendly eco stove" Saturday, December 03, 2022


On eve of World Renewable Energy Day, experts say eco stove helps to reduce dependence on charcoal thus saving forests

Hamza Kyeyune | 21.06.2022 - Update : 22.06.2022


"Charcoal, firewood, and other biomass fuels produce smoke and expose household members to respiratory infections. Our motivation was partly into creating renewable energy while protecting the health of especially the rural Ugandans who waste away their lun gs blowing firewood to light.”

"Ms Jane Carol Nabukwasi, one of the four directors of this company wanted to change that." Tuesday, November 19, 2019 — updated on January 03, 2021

"This ‘eco stove’ does more than cook your dinner. Cook food, charge your phone"
By Lauren Said-Moorhouse and Florence Obondo, for CNN Published 5:56 AM EST, Fri January 30, 2015

The company Biomass Briquettes Saving Energy Constructions (BBS Energy) in Uganda wants to render cooking "green" (eco-friendly) through the "Envirocook" project. As part of this project, many household appliances will be manufactured locally, including clay brick stoves and ovens. This initiative will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the domestic use of fossil fuels.

By Inès Magoum - Published on February 14 2020 / Modified on March 11 2020


" This energy source has an oven that uses a type of volcanic rock together with solar power to act as the fuel for your cooking needs.

Majority of Ugandans use either firewood or charcoal as energy for cooking. Besides being very inefficient sources of energy, these forms of energy are not environmental friendly as trees have to be felled down.

July, 29 2016 PIC: Rose Twine flanked by minister of state for gender and culture Madame Mutuuzo Peace addressing the ministry staff. Photos/ Billy Rwothungeyo


"The Minister of State for Finance in charge of investments and privatization, Evelyn Anite has on Tuesday visited the eco stove manufacturing plant in Bujuko, Mpigi district. Anite said the plant has devised safe and environment friendly means of cooking to address deforestation, indoor air pollution (IAP) and other adverse effects associated with non renewable biomass energy like charcoal stove use in urban areas and open earth fire systems in most rural settings. "

Dickens H Okello November 10, 2020

We are the patent owners and manufactures of Volcanic rocks and solar powered stoves Branded as Eco stoves. we assemble solar kits for households and solar systems for institutions in Uganda. The Revolutionary Energy efficient Eco stove was invented in 2011 and the company incorporated in 2012 with the primary objective to increase access to clean energy for both off grid households and businesses.
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