Project Summary

The project was implemented in the following barracks: Commandant Bombo, Kabamba, Kavera, Ruhengere, Singo, Kalama, Junior Command & staff collage Gadaffi, Nicoa Jinja, R.R.U Jinja, Olilim, Safad-katakana, Robwolodongo, Nakindye Barakacks, Kiseka, Buyala, Luzira, Buyala, Bihanga and Nakasongola.

The eco stoves have reduced the consumption of firewood by up to 70%. This has helped to conserve the forests and green vegetation in Uganda. The eco stoves have also reduced exposure to harmful smoke emissions by up to 90%. This has improved the air quality in the kitchens and reduced the risk of respiratory problems to the cooks

Overall, this project has saved millions of Ugandan shillings onĀ  fuel costs and millions of trees due to the Eco Stove technology was a win-win for the UPDF community and for the environment, and conserves the forests

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We are the patent owners and manufactures of Volcanic rocks and solar powered stoves Branded as Eco stoves. we assemble solar kits for households and solar systems for institutions in Uganda. The Revolutionary Energy efficient Eco stove was invented in 2011 and the company incorporated in 2012 with the primary objective to increase access to clean energy for both off grid households and businesses.
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