Eco double burner stove


  • The stove uses reusable volcanic stones to cook, the stones retain heat much longer than any other cooking fuel. Charcoal dust is used as fire a starter.
  •  The stove comes with a solar power system that is used to power the inbuilt air system that runs forced air to the stones thus increasing combustion. 
  • The solar system comes with a multi-purpose solar battery that can light your home, be used to iron clothes, and also be used to charge up to 3 phones all at ago. The battery comes with an inbuilt mp3 music player and FM Radio. With a full charge, the battery can be used to cook for 5 days. 
  • The stove comes with a heat regulator to help you adjust heat to your desired heat temperature and comes with an ashtray to collect the small ash product by the charcoal dust firestarters
  • The stove comes with 15 kgs of volcanic rocks which can be used for a year.

The stove is smoke-free, environmentally friendly, and more efficient than any other stove on the market currently.

Key Features.

  • 5 WATS solar panel.
  • Multi-purpose solar battery.
  • Ash Tray.
  • Two solar bulbs. 
  • AC / DC power adapter.
  • 25 Kgs of volcanic stones.
  • 1 audio cable
  • Multifunctional USB cable.

1 review for Eco double burner stove

  1. Issa N

    How much is the eco double burner stove?

    • admin

      The Double stove goes for 800,000 UGX without solar however it comes with 2 yrs reusable rocks, fan power adapter and 1 yr warrant.
      With the solar system, it goes for 1400,000 UGX this comes

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