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Eco Group Uganda has revolutionized clean cooking with a cookstove technology that uses volcanic rocks as cooking fuel. 

With 66.4% of urban households in Uganda using charcoal as the main source of fuel and only 15.5% using charcoal in rural areas, this has imposed a great demand on charcoal production resulting in the degradation and depletion of Uganda’s forest reserves.

Eco Stove Double Burner

However, while searching for a better alternative to the problem of over-dependence on charcoal and firewood as a source of fuel to cook. Eco stove’s cooking technology has everything that you ever needed in a cooking stove, it does more than just cooking meals.

Volcanic rocks burning in an Eco Stove.

The stove uses 85% of local volcanic rocks got from the mountains of Kisoro in the western part of Uganda and only uses 15% of charcoal dust (olusenyete). The rocks are reusable for up to 8 months and retain heat much longer than any other cooking fuel. In the stove, charcoal dust is simply used as a firestarter for the rocks. From current research volcanic rocks have proved to be smoke-free and do not emit carbon emissions as it would be with charcoal or firewood.
The stove has an inbuilt forced air system that continuously blows air to the stones and thus increases combustion and the continued burning of stones, this comes with a heat regulator ( Eco dimmer dial) which helps with the adjustment of cooking heat temperature.

Eco Forced air system and heat regulator

The stove comes with a solar power kit which includes a multi-purpose battery that provides energy for the inbuilt forced-air system. The battery keeps charge for up to 5 days meaning that one is safe even when the sun never shines for the next 5 days after a full charge, meals will be prepared without any hustle. More still, The battery can charge up to 5 phones and also comes with 2 solar bulbs to light up your home. The battery also comes with an FM radio player which features all local channels and also has an mp3 music player.

Eco stove solar kit

The stoves come in various sizes ranging from portable stoves to large custom inbuilt institutional stoves and kitchens.


  1. The technology is amazing, as a Biosystems engineer , I commend you for your efforts to save our environment

    1. Please note that our portable stoves for home use start from 450,000 UGX and beyond. Please for more info call / WhatsApp us on 0702920729 or 0776920729

  2. I would like to know more about it how much the whole package can cost like the regulator and everything and what features or characters do I use to determine the rock to be a volcanic rock if am to acquire it and living away from Uganda

    1. Please note that our portable stoves for home use start from 350,000 UGX and beyond. Please for more info call / WhatsApp us on 0702920729 or 0776920729

  3. I would like to know which one cost 400,000 Shillings?
    Is it the Double burner stove?
    And according to a phone call yesterday, there was a lady who said it cost 400,000 while from the above says 350,000, which is one is which? And she said also that the Volcanic stones are resusable for 2 years while above says it’s resusable for 8 months.
    Please Clarify me.

    1. Well currently to serve our customers, we have phased out the production of the 350,000 UGX Stove and now our stoves start from 450,000 UGX and that is a single burner stove, this doesn’t come with the solar system.

  4. i am excited about this technology.I have a hospital i am not sure if large quntities of food can be sustained on this cooking system.And what other costs after buying for maintainance.

    1. Hello Peter!! We actually have burners to serve needs for big institutions, Please share you contact details, we shall reach out to you on the same.

  5. Good afternoon, I am interested in this echo stove with oven and grill. Please how much will this cost me

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