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Eco group received a grant support of 60250 USD from Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stove-USA (GACC) in support of its mechanized production as well as completion of the factory structure. A grant award of 200,000USD from United Nations credit development fund (UNCDF) to develop its pay as you go technology in the eco stove and increase its sales and distribution channel networks across the country. SNV grant for capcity building in eco women entrepreneurs for rock cracking and eco stove distribution through group settings in regional hubs.

Eco Group also corroborates with a number of Renewable Energy organizations with vast experiences including Gujirati research institute in India, Uganda Industrial research institute-Uganda, New Age solar Technologies company. Electric Blue Plus engineering services Ltd, Energy For all among other companies. The partnership was created to scale access to renewable energy to all our customer energy thus helping Eco group to Achieve its mission, goals and objectives.

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We are working with Women and Youth

We have trained 14 women and incubated electrical engineers in 7 districts; namely Hoima, Arua, Kasese, Kisoro, Jinja, Mpigi and Soroti who shall be carrying out sales and distribution of eco-stoves as well as install, repair and maintain all installed eco products.

Eco Group established its factory on a 3 acre piece of land along Mityana Road. This factory houses both manufacturing activities and solar assembly for its products.

It is at this factory that we skill Youth in various fields including Electrical Installations, repairs, maintenance, fabrication among other activities.

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Our Partners

Gujirati research institute, India

Electric Blue Plus engineering services Ltd

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