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Eco Group company manufactures Eco rock stoves and assembles household solar kits for energy poor households of Uganda. The Eco rock stove is a branded product of Eco Group Ltd which was incorporated in 2012, with the primary objective to increase access to clean energy for both off grid households and businesses. The Eco-stove technology is of increased efficiency which runs on solar with added benefits of lighting, mobile phone charging, FM radio and much more. This patented technology was inspired by a philosophy and a desire to produce a rather more energy efficient cook stove whose design meets real-world cooking challenges and provides real solution to institutions and the everyday persons. The eco stoves designed for larger users of wood and charcoal which contributes largely to the rate of deforestation in the country. The innovation delivers immediate environmental social economic and technologic benefit to the user. The eco stove was adopted with heat controls for increase and decrease as desired.

The Eco solar system package benefits to meet customer’s energy needs of lighting but the primary purpose for the solar is to drive the needed oxygen into the eco rock stove for  maximum efficiency. Eco Rock Stove utilizes solar system and local volcanic rocks for cooking solution thereby utmost efficiency and effectiveness in cooking. Eco Group’s primary objective is to increase access to clean energy for both off grid households and businesses whose dependency of wood and charcoal cause the greatest negative impact to Uganda’s natural resources. The Eco-stove technology is of increased efficiency which runs on solar with added benefits of lighting, mobile phone charging, FM radio and much more.

Our Vision

Eco Group Ltd to be a re-known leader in the development of the most clean and efficient cook-stoves utilising volcanic rocks and solar cooking technologies as an effective mitigation and adaptation plan of action for the developing world.

Our Mission

Eco Group Ltd’s mission is to continue in its R&D and ensures to produce the most environmentally, economically- affordable, fuel efficient, and user friendly stove that delivers value for money in addition to providing social and technological benefit to the user. Eco group research found that every household without a clean light equally has no clean cook stove. Further research found that 99% of all institutions in Uganda depend on firewood as their main fuel with exception of major hotels. This has further fuelled eco group to skill more youths and women with a mission to reach more users.

Activity and Achievements of Grant

Eco group received a grant support of 60250 USD from Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stove-USA (GACC) in support of its mechanised production as well as completion of the factory structure. A grant award of 200,000USD from United Nations credit development fund (UNCDF) to develop its pay as you go technology in the eco stove and increase its sales and distribution channel networks across the country. SNV grant for capcity building in eco women entrepreneurs for rock cracking and eco stove distribution through group settings in regional hubs. Today Eco group has a fully mechanised facility here in Uganda and is in the process of commissioning for a continuous flow manufacturing facility. The company still needs to fine tune its tooling capacity for various types it currently intends to produce. This grant is however a locked grant to milestones achievement.

Agency Capacity & Experience

The Eco Group has the experience and expertise to successfully conclude all types of Rural/Urban, Social /Economic Community and industrial projects. The group boasts of a large history of successfully concluded projects across the region and has established herself as a provider of high quality results to various clients across the globe; growing substantial staff complements with diverse teams of technical expertise, for delivering on assignments. Eco’s handled projects range from middle to big projects in health and sanitation, Environment conservation, and others for social transformation of the rural poor, with high class social service demands and investments.

The group uses a well-planned service approach to cater for clients of all categories in all sectors; and is wholly driven by the zeal of letting individual households effectively live successful but meaningful lives; therefore focuses on better service delivery to communities. The group specializes in Eco stove Production and Marketing, Healthy Energy provision, Natural resource conservation and Community sanitation for especially the less fortunate. This integrated approach to tasks compel beneficiaries to listen and pay attention to the recommendations of the group professionals. The group provides a first class job on all projects and assures her clients of the highest level of service and commitment.

Our Products

Eco stove’s packages include a stove, Volcanic rocks, solar PV systems (Solar panels, solar battery bank and a cook stoves) This was designed as a complete home solution for its ability to cook, light, charge mobile phones, play FM radio and MP3.

And a bigger/larger package for institutions which are permanently constructed and customized to meet different user needs.

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