Our Impact

According to research, in Uganda, 96% of the rural population relies on biomass for cooking and 89-90% of the population does not have a clean cooking stove. About 19,700 Ugandans die every year from exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP).

The Eco Stove

The Eco Stove is smoke free, safe, user friendly, more efficient than most and the state of the art cook stove that utilises volcanic heat retaining rocks  and solar as its main fuel. The Volcanic rocks are reusable for up to two (2) years.



The Impact

Reuse and recycling of garbage through use of charcoal dust as fire starters creates a hygienic environment.
Reduced Carbondioxide emissions.






Reduced rate of deforestation due to the use of the reusable stones.





Eco Group Ltd is working closely with farmers encouraging Tree replanting.




Minimal fire accidents due to safe insulation and are tested and certified by UNBS.





Improved health resulting from reduced indoor air pollution.







Saves time for women and children otherwise spent cooking and in search for firewood. Time saved utilized to engage in social activities.
FM radio and MP3 which will keep the entire family updated with the news and entertainment.




Two years reusable heat retention stones & saving costs of up to $800+ per year.






Employment opportunities such as stove manufacturing, distribution, solar assembly etc.






Millions of Dollars saved on hospital bills.









With Its newly mechanized production facility, more affordable eco stoves available on the market making it more attainable by low income households.
Gas & Electric stoves clean energy but accessible and affordable by 10% of Uganda’s households. Eco stove provides an affordable alternative with the same technological advantages as gas and electronic stoves

The Numbers Tell It All









Our Way of Giving Back to the Community

For the Youth

›We are  promoting skills development among the youth through on-hand skills training in Electrical, Sales and Fabrication disciplines.

For the Women

Eco Group is supporting women entrepreneurs for rock cracking and eco stove distribution through group settings in regional hubs.


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