How does this stove work?

Uses volcanic rocks and solar as demonstrated in the video . we also have a free no obligation to buy onsite demo.

What is the life span of this stove?

Different parts of the stove have different life spans; depending on the handling. However the potable metal housed last up to 10years except for the ceramic clay liner which can last 2-3yrs depending on the amount of heat used and handling.

What parts are most vulnerable to getting spoilt?

The ceramic clay liners, the electrical moving parts which have cycles.

Are repair services readily available?

Yes. we have a free drop/walk-in serve while you wait at wakaliga branch, or can book a house call at a fee.

Telephone number.0200905501/0702920729/0776920729

What other energy sources does the system use?

Eco stove uses either Solar power or HYDRO power with an adaptor which are both provided.

What do customers complain about your products?

Some customers look at the one off payment as expensive. This is why we work with organized groups to offer managed payment plans/option.

How is this stove different from the ones on the market?

Eco stove uses reusable volcanic stones and solar or hydro, the rest depend on purely on charcoal or firewood.

What is the price of your various products?

There is a price list.


What other products do you offer?

Eco group customizes any stove required, our product range from estove (multi fuel stove) single burner, double burner, oven, combi oven (cooks and bakes) inbuild domestic and commercial/institutional. We also make brooder heaters for chics as well as commercial oven for business


What rare the methods of payment?

Cash, Bank loans, group payment plan


How long do the stones last?

we provide 2yr supply worth of stones however 1 pack of 4kgs last 6-8months depending on a family

When can the stones be got from?

we stock at all our outlets.

Can any other type of stones be use?

No! Ecostove stones have been tested by various institutions including UNBS, CREEK-makerere, Nabyeya Under ministry of energy and its other partners and certified as safe with no health hazards.

How much is each small pack of stones?

a park of 4kg lasts up to 8months and costs only 35000ugx=10usd

Telephone number.0200905501/0702920729/0776920729


What size of charcoal dust can be used?

A bean size


How long can the battery run if it is fully charged?

Depends on the intensity of usage however a fully charged solar system can run up to 4 days without the sun. however our solar system does not necessarily charge at pick time but can pick on sunlight.

What if the sun does not shine for like 4 days?

A fully charged battery can run for at least 4 days without direct sun.

What is the life span of the battery?

3/5 years depending on the type

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